It's OK to have questions.

What is Codeball?

Codeball is an AI code-review bot. It approves Pull Requests that a human would have approved without objections or further feedback.

Aren't those PRs easy to review anyways?

Sure. And you still have to wait for it. 63% of all PRs are "👍 LGTM"-ed without objections. Codeball takes care of the easy PRs, and allows you to focus your energy on the trickier ones.

How does Codeball decide to approve a PR?

It uses a deep learning model trained on millions of PRs from different organizations. Just like a very experienced human who has seen tons of failure (shitty code) and success (decent code) patterns. [more]

What does Codeball look at when predicting?

Hundreds of indicators. For example the semantics of the change, if similar changes been objected or reverted in the past, how experienced the author is with the code that they are changing etc. [more]

Will Codeball make me a 10xer?


Is this shit accurate?

It turns out programmers are super boring and extremely predictable — think about it, review is mostly pattern matching. Codeball has a false positive rate of under 1%.

Codeballs precision is ~99%, and has a recall of ~25%.
This means that Codeball doesn't approve all the potentially "approvable" PRs, but when it does, it's really confident that it should be approved.

These numbers might be higher or lower (hopefully higher) depending on your ways of working and what your repository looks like.

What's Codeball's SAE (J3016) classification?

See [Levels of Automation].

Does Codeball work for my repo?

IDK? Use the [money-saver-calculator] to see how well Codeball performs on your repository.

Is Codeball for me?

If you don't like waiting for reviews on your PRs and the interruptions that come with it, then yeah, it is.

How do I set it up?

As a GitHub Action! sturdy-dev/codeball-action@v1

Does this cost $$$?

Codeball is free for open-source repositories. Private repositories can enjoy a 14-day free trial, and you only ever have to pay if Codeball ends up saving you money.

For more info see [pricing].

Codeball will always be free for OSS, because we're so cool! (totally not because it's free marketing).

Where is the legal stuff?

Check this out! [privacy policy] [terms of service]

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