AI-powered code review

Codeball finds bugs in your Pull Requests, lets you ship faster and with higher confidence. The Codeball AI is trained on millions of code contributions to recognize risky code changes.

Used by hundreds of teams, including

How it works

Add the Codeball GitHub Action

Codeball is setup and configured using GitHub Actions.
Add `.github/workflows/codeball.yml` to a repo, and you're ready to go!

Codeball evaluates new Pull Requests

Codeball analyzes the Pull Request, and picks up hundreds of parameters to use as the input to the Codeball AI.

Adding code #1337
HappyCoder wants to merge more-stuff into main
Codeball [bot] approved
    "author": "",
    "authorScore": 0,
    "type": "",
    "kingOfTheHillScore": 0,
    "simplicityRanking": ,
    "fileReputation": 0,
Learn your risks

Codeball notifies you about new problems and risks. Add labels, fail the tests, or add an approving review.

codeball:needs-careful-review codeball:needs-review codeball:approved
Configure Codeball to your needs

Auto-approve safe PRs or enforce extra review on the risky ones — You decide!

Codeball is highly configurable with GitHub Actions, and you can configure the workflow yourself to fit your needs. Run Codeball only on the `web` directory, run only the Codeball Labeler, only the Approver, or only trigger the Codeball pipeline on Thursdays? There's almost endless possibilities.

Supports them all

Go, TypeScript, Java, HTML, C#, Ruby, C++, Rust, Python, JavaScript, Swift, CSS, and over 20 more!

Avoid reckless merging, Codeball identifies and labels risky PRs

Codeball is an AI model trained on millions of code contributions to distinguish between safe and risky code changes. It augments your development process by risk scoring your Pull Requests. Ship faster and with fewer faults with actionable and team-specific code insights.

Skip code review, Codeball approves your (good) PRs!

Feeling confident and prioritising getting-shit-done? Setup Codeball to automatically approve good PRs, without having to wait for review.

Codeball Approver

Approver uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to grade Pull Requests, and will approve Pull Requests that it's really-really confident in. Approver can reduce the time your teams spends on waiting for review by over 60%.

The Approver is easy to add to any GitHub repository, with a single click installation using GitHub Actions.

Really fast, running on GitHub Actions

All of our tools runs on GitHub Actions, making it easy as ⌘+V to setup, and integrates nicely with your existing suite CI/CD, and gives you full configuration for how to integrate our tools into your stack.

Not a dashboard

Collecting data and rendering a graph is easy — making you a better coder and developer is much harder. Tracking the DORA metrics? Codeball will improve your metrics from day one.

I'm ready

Let's go!