Levels of Automation

A guide to how much the AI overlords have taken over, per the official SAE (J3016) classification. Codeball is currently a level 3 system.

No automation

You drive the car (like a savage). Crashes happen.


No assistance. Humans perform all code checks out of memory. Bugs happen.

Some assistance

Cruise control. Or lane assist. But not both, that's L2.


Rule-based tools that identify common mistakes.
Example: Code linters and formatters.

Partial automation

Both cruse control and lane assist, with some smart breaking sprinkled in.


Tools aware of the immediate code context.
Example: Auto-complete, Refactoring suggestions, static code analysis.

Conditional automation

An AI drives the car when the conditions are right. You have to take over if the car gets confused.
Example: Tesla


The AI reviews and approves code contributions based on the repository context. You have to review the tricky pull requests yourself. CODEBALL-1 is here.

High automation

You can Netflix and relax while the car drives you, but it doesn't go everywhere.
Example: Waymo


The AI informs you of the exact impact of your code based on the production context. It tells you what's wrong with your code and how to fix it.

Full automation

Goes everywhere by itself.
Basically, Skynet.


You are now unemployed.