What does an AI even cost these days?


  • Free for open source projects
  • No limits

Baller edition

  • Private repositories
  • Really nice dashboards
  • Unlimited repositories
  • No usage limits

$10 / user1 / month

14 day free trial, no credit card required

Pay only if Codeball saves you money

Get started with the Baller edition by adding the Codeball GitHub Action to your private repository.

You'll only have to pay if Codeball saves you time and money.
When the free trial is about to end, we'll send you a payment link to take your hard earned cash.
Go to the [dashboard] to manage your subscriptions.

1 Users is defined as the unique number of users opening a Pull Request that triggers the Codeball GitHub Action within the GitHub organization. Usage of the website, dashboards, etc. is free and does not count as a user.