DORA metrics

Engineering teams love to track their DORA metrics (DevOps Research and Assessment), to get data on how well their team is doing, and to help deliver software faster. The for metrics are:

  • Change Lead Time
  • Deployment Frequency
  • Change Failure Rate
  • Mean Time To Recovery

Not a dashboard

There are many companies that will sell you dashboards, but not doing much to actually help you improve. Codeball is a plug-and-play AI that automatically improves your stats – from day one!

Using AI

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The Codeball AI has been trained to behave like a human would (except it's fast, doesn't get sick, and is never stuck in a meeting).

Add Codeball to your workflow to automatically improve your Change Lead Time, by automating Code Review, without sacrificing security.

Codeball only approves safe contributions, and leaves the trickier ones for you to review. You'll review the trickier PRs yourself, just like before, but without getting annoyed by the noise of the easier PRs.

Start now

Get started with Codeball for free today (30-day free trial, no credit card required). After 30 days, you'll only have to pay if Codeball is saving you time.

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