Launching: Codeball 1.0

Codeball 1.0

Today we're happy to launch Codeball 1.0 to the world! Codeball is an AI trained to perform Code Review. After months in beta, and hard work together with the beta community, we're proud to announce the first public release of Codeball!

Codeball is now used by many private organizations, as well as over 120 public organizations on GitHub! Including big communities like Gogs, EMQX, and SigNoz (combined with over 100k stars 🤩)!

After having used Codeball for up to three months, some of our beta users are reporting that they are spending up to 40% less time on code review with Codeball compared to before.

Configurable and customizable AI

Since the launch of the Codeballbeta earlier in 2022, we've shipped multiple new improvements to both the AI and the GitHub Action that's used to interact with it.

Our favourite improvements include:

  • Improved AI performance! 🧠
  • Fully customizable GitHub Action usage as of the new @v2 release. Use conditions in actions for when and where to trigger Codeball, fully integrated into your own workflows.
  • Support for forks and public repositories [read more].
  • Dashboards and statistics, learn more about how your org is using Codeball
  • Configurable AI


Codeball has been trained on millions of code contributions from our global dataset. And has been trained to predict the likelihood of a contribution getting approved.

Codeball configurable behaviour

By default, Codeball will perform at an optimal level for everyone, trained to be good for the average team.

For high performance teams, that want to get even more out of Codeball, we're now introducing a new "Reckless"-setting, which will indicate to Codeball that your team have different performance characteristics than the average development team, and that you want Codeball to adopt it's style to work better for you.

New Pricing

As promised, Codeball now has a new pricing model after the end of the beta program. For private repositories, Codeball is now $10/user/month. Codeball will continue to be 100% free for public repositories.

We're committed to making sure that Codeball saves you money, and will only charge you money if you're actually saving money.

The paid plan for private repositories, comes with a free 30 day trial, with no credit card required.


With 🧠 from the Codeballers (Kiril, Nikita, and Gustav),
August 2022